Posted by Ryan Mills on Jul 02, 2019
As the new year begins, we like to break the ice with the new president and have a little fun at their expense. Instead of our traditional meeting for Joe, we planned to meet on the balcony of our normal meeting place. Joe is a contractor by trait, so we made a construction zone for him to conduct his meeting. Out on the balcony, we could be as loud and obnoxious as possible with our own power tools, drills, saws, hammers, music, and hamburgers. Our speaker "forgot to show up" and instead we created uniquely designed Rotary Wheels. Wheels that will haunt Joe for the rest of his term. Joe's task during the meeting (because he couldn't get through his agenda) was to take the lead in his pink apron and tool belt. He had to show us how to make these VERY creative wheels and add his personal touch with supplied, glitter, paint, glue, rhinestones, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, fuzzy balls, and pretty much anything else we could find at the time. Great first meeting Joe!
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