The best medium sized club in the district got a special visit from the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD).  Captain Prater of the Wood Ranch Station (44) gave us a brief demonstration of the Jaws of life, and a quick overview of the Quint 44.
Unfortunately, the video wouldn't load, but it showed the great work that fire fighters do for our community.  Captain Prater's team made a car into a convertible in just over 12 minutes, and any would be lives to save would have been saved in just over 12 minutes.  Captain Prater would wanted to make sure that we knew that this was practice and that in a real life situation the circumstances would be crazy.  Seeing the power of the separators and cutters (which are two parts of the Jaws of life) were amazing to see.  
VCFD facts:
-According to Captain Prater VCFD is prideful in the fact that they have not lost a structure in years, part of that reason is fire prevention.  you can find more about that here:
-If you encounter a Rattlesnake, VCFD is who would respond, and not animal control
-VCFD has great communication with the surrounding counties fire departments and help start a massive communication for Southern California in the 80's.  
-Captain Prater said that they are always available to show you around the firehouse, all you have to do is go visit them at any fire station.  
Thank you Captain Prater and your team for all the hard work you do to keep our community safe.