Posted by Ryan Mills on Jun 18, 2019
By the end of the Rotary Year (June 30th), our club collects all the funds we have made over the last year and donates them to local organizations and charities. This is what Simi Sunset is about--giving back to our community. We have a special meeting, our Allocations Meeting, where representatives from each organization are invited to receive a donation and present a small speech about what their organization does and how the money helps. This year our club donated money to:

Moorpark College foundation, Simi Valley YMCA, CASA, Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation, Not One More, Royal High School Wrestling Team, Boy Scout Troop 698, Five Star Theatricals, Free Clinic of Simi Valley, Jacob Carrillo, Santa Susana interact
Hearing about what these organizations do and how our club has helped is one of the best feelings as a Rotarian. Well done Simi Sunset, you should be proud!