Posted by Ryan Mills on Nov 05, 2019
Every year, at this time, the presidential nominating committee (all the Past Presidents) get together and nominate a candidate to be the President Elect Nominee for the following year. Tonight it was announced that Stephanie Sieminski is their proposed candidate for President Elect.
Amanda Wilson was also proposed as a candidate for President Elect Nominee by a fellow club member.
Lastly, Mark Lowry, the current President Elect nominated candidates for his upcoming Board of Directors as follows:
President: Mark Lowry
Past President: Joe Grossman
Secretary: Stephanie Angeli
Treasurer: Amanda Wilson
Sgt At Arms: Paula Miller
Club Service: Mike Kort
Community Service: Linda Ferry
International Service: Lizzy Whitlock
Vocational Service: Loren DeLotell
Youth Service: Terry Talley
Director at Large (Communications): Ryan Mills
Director at Large: Jill Haney
Membership Chair: Reed Galloway
Foundation Chair: Richard Grossman